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Boutique Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    April 2014
  • Villages :
    Pompadour, Tignes Val Claret
  • Training :
    Steward Diploma


  • Ready-to-wear vendor in a shopping centre
  • Sales assistant in a boutique


Club Med is above all an unforgettable human experience!


I had been a ready-to-wear sales assistant for 6 years and I needed to broaden my horizons. The international dimension and the working environment at Club Mediterranee led me to apply. Hence, I joined Club Med in April 2014 as a G.O Boutique. After only two seasons, thanks to my work experience and my motivation, I became the Boutique Manager at the Tignes Val Claret resort.
My work as a Boutique Manager is very diverse: management and accounting, team leading or sales and counselling… I have to reach the sales target established at the beginning of the season, while developing my team’s skills. To be good in this job, you need to be rigorous and reactive. You also need to be patient and master selling techniques in order to provide our multicultural clientele with the best possible service.
At the end of my working day, I take part in various shows organized at the village. This is how I was able to reveal myself on stage turning out to be quite the singer! Thanks to the shows, team-spirit is reinforced, and we get to bond with the G.M who come to congratulate us once our performance is over. At some point, I even got the chance to meet a singer who invited me to attend her studio recording session between two seasons!
I live a unique experience: my job is enriching, I meet different people each week, I get to enjoy the activities and the facilities at the resort. But, above all, Club Med has offered me a unique chance to learn something new every day!