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  • Entry date at Club Med :
    October 2006
  • Villages :
    Alpe d’Huez, Bodrum, La Caravelle
  • Training :
    Degree in Management, admission to the Gendarmerie
  • Driver
  • Assistant Financial Manager
  • Cashier
  • Manager within a Parisian company
  • Cashier
It's a real privilege to be a G.O. at Club Med

A professional Gendarme for six years, the prestige of the Club Méditerranée Group, the work environment and career opportunities encouraged me to leave the civil service. Club Med was looking for a driver immediately. I accepted straight away! Rapidly the Club detected my potential as an administrative manager and suggested that I take a training course. I thus learnt to manage a village's cash flow.

Every day, the job consists in grouping together cash boxes of all the village's profit centres (spa, reception, etc.), check good financial follow-up of the different managers and draw up statistics. To hold this job, you need good grounding in management and some accounting. It also needs a lot of rigour and diplomacy. You need to be a good negotiator in the village as the advantage and disadvantage of the Club is that you are very close to colleagues and it is sometimes difficult to make the difference between friendship and work.

But what firstly made me most uncomfortable about the Club was the closeness to customers. I received military training and it was difficult for me to get close to them. But with time, it became a lot easier. Now I think that the contact I have with G.Ms is very enriching. You get to know lots of people that you may never have met otherwise. If fact I am still in contact with G.Ms that I met four years ago!

My objective today is to continue to evolve in management professions while remaining a G.O at Club Med. I once left Club Med for two years, thinking I had a good job opportunity in Paris... but quickly returned to work in a village. This experience away from Club Med made me realise how lucky I was to be a G.O, to travel and live in sublime places.