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  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2009
  • Villages :
    Opio en Provence, Villars-sur-Ollon
  • Training :
    Baccalaureat + 2 year sales course
  • Barman
For me, Club Med is 100% pleasure

As child, I discovered the pleasures of Club Med as a G.M at the villages of Kemer and Hammamet. Very small, I told my mother that I was attracted to the company and wanted to work there. Then at 20, once I had completed by Sales course, I decided to improve my languages and acquire more experience in my initial field of competence, bar-tending.

I still remember my first conversation with the Club's pre-selection department. I am Dutch and my French was not good enough to validate the telephone interview. Motivated by the barman job, I wanted to give myself a real shot at it and applied again after two weeks of an intensive French course. I thus joined the teams of Opio en Provence then Villars-sur-Ollon. My mission was to manage stock and part of the personnel, serve customers, set up and run the bar.

At first, as my French was a little shaky, I admit that contact with customers was quite daunting. Then, after 3 weeks in the village, I felt more comfortable, more confident. I even felt a real desire to participate actively in village life, go on stage and talk to customers. I actually met my fiancée, a Golf G.O. at one of my first evenings at the Club. She is French and I must admit she's done a lot to help me improve the language!

The Club has definitely opened my mind. I have met wonderful people! The Club has also allowed me to develop my sense of organisation, my autonomy and even my creativity... It has been very enriching. For me, Club Med is 100% pleasure Working in a friendly, multicultural and learning context, what more could you ask for? I have since applied for a job at the HR head office in Lyon where I currently work as a pre-selection assistant Long may it last!