Now is the time to send your applications for the next season!

For our countryside, mountain and spa resorts, we are recruiting 1,000 professional GOs and GEs to unite them under a clearly-stated promise of a life-changing experience for all employees. 

Our recruitment campaign covers 120 specialisations!  

From February to April 2020, 1,000 positions are to be filled at 41 resorts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Half of these positions are in the hospitality sector and we also need a number of early-childhood and family specialists! 

Beyond professional skills, we’re looking for people with big personalities! A sense of service, team spirit, emotional intelligence and creativity are what the Club Med spirit is all about.

More than 120 jobs

A new promise to employees

“The purpose of life is to be happy. The key to being happy is right here. The time to be happy is right now.”

These words by Gérard Blitz, Club Med’s founder, still echo around every Club Med project. Club Med offers more than just a job; GOs & GEs get to live a unique experience, filled with challenges today that will transform their tomorrow. 


Why join us?

Because the Club Med adventure also means: 

• Real career opportunities thanks to training dispensed by an in-house organisation, the Université des Talents, as well as the great many pathways that exist between the different specialisations and sectors.

• A spirit and culture that are so rich and so diverse that they cannot be fully understood from the outside.

• An exceptional workplace among nearly 70 high-end resorts and 40 offices across the world.

• Seventy whole years of meaningful commitments summed up in a motto, “Happy to Care”, and mindfulness of the need to preserve the planet and the wellbeing of everyone who lives on it.


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