Supports & sales

Multi-Task Maintenance Technician (M/F)

Closed-term/Open-term contract
Club Med resorts in France
Position with full board for a flat fee
Experience required in the function and in team management
Certification in maintenance
Basic knowledge of French
Joining the Technical Services team of Club Med means working diligently to ensure safety, proper functioning of the installations and the well-being of the clients and teams with:
  • More than 800 000 clients who are on vacation and expecting perfection
  • High-quality technical installations, suited to upscale services
  • Professional teams with complementary skills 
  • A personalised training path to develop one’s career

Currently, you are ...

  • A motivated candidate, you are available and ready to live in a Club Med  resort
  • A trained and experienced technician who has a sense of aesthetics and attention to detail
  • A versatile contributor, at ease with preventive and curative maintenance or team management

At Club Med, you will be ...

  • The right arm of the technical manager who handles maintenance for the installations, equipment and infrastructures of the Resort
  • A versatile professional services and repairs the equipment, and find solutions to improve operational efficiency
  • An organised manager who handles the scheduling for teams and subcontractors (around 20 people)
  • A field operative who anticipates malfunctions and performs technological and preventive watch
  • A manager who makes certain of application and respect of health and safety standards 
  • And tomorrow, why not evolve towards a position of technical manager?

Why set your sights for one of our resorts?

  • To live in a privileged setting and in sites of exception
  • To evolve in a multicultural environment in a unique atmosphere
  • To have wonderful encounters, and to grow both professionally and personally
  • To take on new challenges and enjoy the thrills of discovering yourself!
In becoming a GO Assistant Technical Manager, you will be able to benefit from the infrastructures and numerous activities offered by Club Med. And if you get the urge, you can even step on stage to show your talent or just to be a party animal!
So, what are you waiting for… pack your bags.

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