Hospitality and catering

Front Desk Manager (M/F)

Seasonal position of 3 to 8 months
Resorts in France or abroad
Position with full board for a flat fee
Experience in a hotel-style structure required, as well as in team management
Diploma in international industry preferred
Fluent French, other foreign languages a plus
Reception is the heart of the resort. Joining a Reception team with Club Med means adopting a personalized and high-quality customer relationship with: 
  • 300 to 1000 clients per week, on average, coming from all over the world 
  • Numerous trainings make it possible to develop one’s career path
  • Polyglot and multicultural teams speaking, on average, 3 foreign languages

Currently, you are ...

  • An explorer, available and ready to live in a Club Med resort
  • An experienced, educated and passionate professional
  • A specialist in the hotel sector and in team management
  • A chameleon able to juggle between the customer relationship, the computer and cash- out procedures 
  • Enthusiastic about foreign languages, capable et parler et comprendre le français, une autre langue est un plus!

At Club Med, you will be ...

  • A demanding ambassador, who ensures high- quality service and customer satisfaction, in collaboration with the Customer Service Manager
  • An outstanding manager, who supervises, unifies and motivates an international team of 20 to 25 collaborators (evaluations, trainings with the Université des Talents Club Med, opportunities for growth...) 
  • An attentive ear who informs, coordinates and organizes the stay of the G.M (the Great Members)
  • A good salesperson who stimulates sales within the Resort
  • A keen administrator, who coordinates all the reception activities
  • A caretaker, who watches over the equipment, materials and infrastructures of the Resort

Why set your sights for one of our resorts?

  • To be at the water’s edge or on the mountain tops
  • To evolve in a multicultural environment in a unique atmosphere
  • To have wonderful encounters, and grow both personally and professionally
  • To take on new challenges and enjoy the thrills of discovering yourself!
In becoming a Front Desk Manager, you will benefit from the infrastructures and numerous activities offered by Club Med. And if you get the urge, you can even step on stage to show your talent or just to be a party animal!
So, what are you waiting for… pack your bags.
Have you already been employed at Club Med?

Welcome to the page for job offers for front desk managers at Club Med. Are you a professional in hospitality services? Are you looking for a job in front desk reception and are you ready to live at one of our resorts for a period of 3 to 8 months? Discover the job offer for a front desk manager at Club Med and join the adventure by applying immediately to our offer. Come experience the thrill of discovering yourself by joining our teams at our resorts in Europe, Africa or the Middle East!