Hospitality and catering

Housekeeper (M/F)

Seasonal position of 3 to 8 months
Resorts in France
Position with full board for a flat fee
Experience desired in hospitality or community services (hospitals, retirement homes…)
Certification and/or working experience preferred
Conversational level in French is a plus

Joining the Accommodation team at Club Med means joining an international and close-knit team from the 4 corners of the world with:

  • Upscale resorts with 3 types of rooms: club, deluxe, suites
  • Personalized service in a room that offers our clients a pleasant environment
  • Professional training on technical skills and products used 

Currently, you are ...

  • A motivated and available candidate, ready to live in a Club Med Resort
  • Familiarity with hospitality or community services (hospitals, retirement homes…) 
  • A discrete person who masters methods of straightening and cleaning


At Club Med, you will be ...

  • An efficient person who handles the housework and upkeep for the rooms of the Resort (300 to 1500 clients per week)
  • A perfectionist who changes sheets, remakes the bed and cleans the nooks and crannies of the rooms with attention to detail
  • A controller who arranges, puts away and verifies the contents of his cleaning cart
  • An attentive person who restocks the rooms with soap, shampoo, flowers and sweets
  • An observer who detects and points out the slightest malfunction of equipment or damage to the furnishings
  • A caretaker, who watches over the equipment, materials and infrastructures of the resort  

Why set your sights for one of our resorts?

  • An essential presence who welcomes groups, informs them about events and proposes additional services.
  • An attentive organiser who establishes the program of services based on the desires of the client
  • A communicative diplomat who welcomes decision-makers during scouting visits and sends a report to the sales offices
  • A person of trust who is responsible for supporting documents for meetings
  • An IT whiz, capable of updating the services (modification of the duration of stay, change of means of transport...)
  • An ambassador who makes sure that the work done respects quality standards 
  • An essential link, capable of working with the other services of the Resort (kitchen, bar, restaurant, sports, events...)
  • A caretaker, who watches over the equipment, materials and infrastructures of the resort
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